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What if there was a way to make innovation easy?

You might challenge the status quo more regularly and more effectively – and that is always worth it. This is why we have developed The Bold Way from 15 years of innovation practice. The Bold Way is a radical system for solving challenges and creating new things with innovative thinking.

The Bold Way is based on four principles


Breaking fixedness that hinders creative solutions.


We all aim to become experts at what we do. Expertise means having efficient connections in the brain for specific tasks, shortcuts if you will. The flip side of that is our natural tendency to prefer these ‘beaten tracks’ – we call this mental fixedness, a tendency to stay in existing thinking patterns.

Obviously, this constitutes a major hurdle when we want to invent something new or improve something existing. In order to overcome – or break – mental fixedness, provocation is an effective tool.


Leveraging brain power.


You have a great product – so it is fair to assume you have the right people and expertise. So, use them and involve them.

As consultants, we form teams together with your employees, enabling them with the right tools and potentially missing know-how. The clear advantages of co-creation are better results and you owning the results. Your people’s ideas are more likely to be accepted and work out than ideas coming from the outside. See “not invented here syndrome”.


Making better decisions.


Fail fast, be agile, build, measure, learn, lean start-up… clearly, a new way of working is on the rise – and it is about time.

All buzz words aside: thinking in assumptions and specifically validating them will help you to make better decisions.


Relying on proven patterns rather than luck.


Businesses today can monitor all business processes, manage the most complex supply chains and produce complex products at reasonable prices.

However, when it comes to creating new solutions we rely on chance – we brain storm, we observe customers and hope for inspiration. It is worthwhile to apply scientific thinking here and explore whether there are proven patterns for success that we can benefit from.

The Bold Way is about harvesting this knowledge and incorporates these systematics into its tool box.

Take The Bold Way with your challenges

We have been developing and applying The Bold Way for 15 years in numerous projects in over 30 countries.

Whether you want to improve operational excellence, transform the way you work or invent the future with new products, services and business models, our innovation consulting services can help you.

Are you interested in trying out The Bold Way yourself? Join a training, read our blog or join the club.

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