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Helping the manufacturer of semiconductors improve the economics and value proposition of a new product line.


A Design-to-cost workshop lead to new value propositions to be developed in the long term as well as ad-hoc measures to ensure project economics stay on track.


A manufacturer of semiconductors had been working on a new product range that was at risk of turning out uneconomic and noncompetitive. A mere cost or feature cutting was not expected to lead to the required improvements.


Task Unification – „the poor man’s tool“ – helps to discover new ways of utilizing existing resources. A perfect way to reduce complexity and costs. Subtraction is the most radical innovation pattern. By removing essential components we presumably render a system useless. But: Following a strict ideation process, this can lead to surprising new, unique value propositions as well as simpler solutions that lead to the same required outcome


An innovation workshop was set up in order to challenge existing concepts and rethink the new product range in the light of competitor products and market requirements. A Value Analysis eventually helped to prioritize on product features by determining their actual value from a customer point-of-view. The resulting concepts improved the economics and competitiveness of the new product range and, in addition, delivered input for future projects.