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Improving BMW’s production process globally

Breaking fixedness to improve BMW’s production process of premium automobiles.


The challenge presented by BMW was to decrease the complexity of the existing frame-and-body assembly process. The goal was to unlock possible savings while maintaining the high quality standard. The process had already been optimized using Lean and Six Sigma principles. Just recently, it had been further optimized with the installation of production robots.

Installing fixed routines and procedures for core processes of value creation is an imperative for any corporation. The fixation of such processes is needed to maintain a highly productive business routine. However, when it comes to reinventing, challenging and optimizing such core processes, these fixations impede the effort: Fixations become „mental fixedness“ – expert knowledge that prevents us from questioning established patterns.


To unlock the full potential, Bold takes apart the process into its components and rearranges them using its innovation tools – to iteratively and co-creatively find new and efficient ways to use existing resources.


Completely rethinking their car assembly process, Bold and BMW generated concepts to save significantly on investment costs. Iteratively rearranging and modifying components and workflows within the assembly process, a new, clever assembly solution was created. The process led to the disposal of a whole fleet of production robots. The implementation of the proposed concepts was quickly decided upon by top management.