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Problem Solving
Thought & done differently


Stop wasting time trying to define the problem.

Find multiple counter-intuitive solutions.

Use existing means to solve your most complex problems.

BP & Shell could find the solution for the Deep Water Horizon oil spill using this approach.

An aircraft manufacturer could reduce lead time using this approach.


If you ask 5 people what the problem is, you will get at least 5 different answers.


So just start with any problem statement and build a chain of undesired phenomena. Immediate effects of the anchor problem statement and its immediate causes.


The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that wherever you solve a phenomenon on your chain, that chain collapses and your problem is solved. In other words: this gives you several different angles of attack.

Try this approach with your team in a free online workshop.

Thinking & doing differently is key to radically new solutions in many areas. Find out more by reading some of our case studies.

A typical project

1. Preparation

After kicking off the project, we interview stakeholders and experts as well as research on the matter to prepare an efficient and successful workshop.

2. Problem Solving Workshop

After having established a chain of undesired phenomena, we start ideating solutions of different levels using existing resources.

3. Validation

We identify critical components of prioritized solutions and test them using a hypothesis-based approach.