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Improving the experience for Thoracic key opinion leaders

Improving the experience for Thoracic key opinion leaders (KOL) working with a pharmaceutical company.


Every pharmaceutical company works together with health care professionals in developing effective drugs that improve patient care. Since especially leading experts’ time is very restricted, the cooperation with them relies on smooth processes and healthy relationships. The client asked the Bold to analyze the status quo of these interactions and identify pains and gains with the ultimate goal of becoming the preferred pharmaceutical partner for key opinion leaders.


Interviews with leading doctors in Thoracic Oncology lead to valuable insights about their interactions with the company. An extensive analysis, concentrated in a single touch point map was used to start generating problem and opportunity based solutions, considering their importance to the key opinion leaders.


Solutions were generated to improve internal processes and make interactions more valuable to KOLs. Cornerstone ideas aimed at higher customer involvement, reduced process complexity and novel forms of consulting meetings and educational activities for health care professionals.

The extensive touch point map gave an overview of the KOLs’ touch point for the first time and was used to globally promote the concept of improving the customer experience for KOLs.