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Learning Innovation on the job.

Building innovation capabilities of large organizations with more than just a training.


People often assume that new ideas will come to you, hence the expression „get an idea“. Today, more and more companies turn to the proactive approach of innovation: „create an idea.“


Thousands of people all over the world have been trained in different aspects of Systematic Innovation. Bold offers different types of trainings, which range from the Innovation Toolbox (resource library of general and tailor-made innovation tools and templates) to Innovation Coaches (in-depth training on how to coach others to refine, case and sell ideas internally) to Innovation Workshops (in-depth training providing the skills to design an innovation project and to facilitate innovation sessions).

So, whatever aspect of the innovation process you are driving – scoping, ideating, insighting, connecting or prototyping – there are tools supplied with material designed to give the user hands-on guidance.


Bold’s Innovation Toolbox has successfully supported innovation in companies such as Siemens, Lufthansa and Bayer. When supported by a common framework and state-of- the-art tools and methods, Innovation Coaches have the best chance of creating long-lasting and powerful impact