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Iteratively Improving Patient Care

Improving Rheuma patient care with Abbvie using agile methodology.


Abbvie realized that Rheuma patients suffer from a bad patient care. Infrastructure, increased economic pressure and a limited number of rheumatologists lead to long waiting times for patients (up to 6 months) and false diagnostics from general practitioners.


Within a few days a team of 6-9 people dissect concepts into their components and underlying assumptions. These will feed the development of prototypes, simple MVPs (minimum viable product) which are tested with real stakeholders to get valuable feedback on the actual customer value and feasibility. This is the first step to kick-start implementation and select those ideas that are promising the biggest impact – further iterations to follow.


6 prototypes with significant potential for an improved Rheuma patient care were developed in the project. Three regional expert network groups were established under the umbrella of the newly-built „Expert Network Zukunft Rheuma“. Bold lead the innovation project and the implementation of the results with the three regional experts groups for 12 months.