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A new USP within reach

A new product USP brings Dronco’s abrasive discs back in the game.


Dronco’s products were outdated and non-competitive. Asian competition was stealing market shares offering cheaper products. Dronco’s goal was to become an innovation leader for cutting and grinding and surprise the market.


Restraints foster creativity – this is not about reducing the range of solutions but about an ideation process fitted to the mode of operation of the human mind. Proactively using the restraints of your company’s production lines, capabilities or assets, Bold helps you to generate radical new ideas that are within the implementation reach of your company.

The foundation to do so is the scientifically grounded innovation method of „Systematic Inventive Thinking“. We call this the DNA of innovation. And we apply it to existing situations to twist them and to generate inside-the-box solutions, breaking with a widely known concept: „out-of-the-box thinking.“


Together with us the Dronco team invented and eventually patented a new cutting disk. The free cut disk is thicker at the edge which prevents it from getting stuck. This also results in a slower erosion of the disk as well as safe and simple usage. With this product Dronco revolutionized the market – comparable to the introduction of the ABS system in automobiles – and was able to establish itself as market leader.

After working with us the company established its „a new product every 90 days“ rule.