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Opening 1000+ Stores every Year.

Helping CP ALL open new 7/11 convenience stores in a third the time – at no extra cost.


CPALL is exclusive franchisee of the 7-11 chain of convenient stores in Thailand, with over 10,000 stores nationwide. The CPALL management saw immense potential in opening new stores quicker, considering the plan to open more than 1,000 new stores every year. However, efforts using Lean / Six Sigma could not find any improvements to speed up the process.


We ran a process innovation project with CPALL using the SIT method for systematic innovation. Within 2 weeks of our consulting work, the existing process was reviewed, reprioritized and reassigned to each stakeholder by CPALL’s team members and our consultants. A completely new procedure was designed.


The new store opening process model was immediately approved. With 2 years of implementation, the new process will shorten the store opening process by 67% compared to its previous version, while maintaining the same CAPEX and OPEX.