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Developing the value proposition for a USD 12.6 Bn oil field development together with Shell and Petronas.


Shell and Petronas decided to bid together for several large oil fields in Iraq. 
The idea was to form a team of a large international oil company and a national oil company with muslim background. Shell and Petronas decided to work with Bold to develop an enhanced customer value proposition for the Iraqi Government and to submit a different kind of field development plan, gaining a competitive advantage.


Even the brightest ideas are no ends in themselves. They only add value once they are implemented. In obvious scenarios a purely analytical approach and linear planning will lead to satisfactory results. But when things get complex, developing successful results takes a bit more than that. It requires exploration – that means testing key assumptions, failing fast, and improving concepts constantly. Bold’s Agile Implementation process is designed to maximize value while at the same time minimizing development costs and risks. Bold helped Shell test the new value propositions by involving internal and external stakeholders and by running role plays with Iraqi people, using prototypes of a field development plan – thus continuously improving the value proposition in several iterations.


Eventually Shell and Petronas went into the negotiations with the Iraqi Government and won the tender for the Majnoon Field.