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We are innovation consultants.
Applying a systematic approach based on empirical patterns and the newest methodologies we enable organizations to realize significant savings and build their future.

We are proud to announce that we just started a joint venture with Kemény Boehme & Company GmbH (KBC), operating under the new name “BOLD KBC Center for innovation“. We will stay BOLD and provide you with all the services around innovation that you are used to, extended by KBCs expertise in project management, management consulting and implementation, and a team of 45+ great new colleagues.

Save & Improve

How to identify double digit savings in your process

Invent & Innovate

Create new products and patents in a matter of days

Invent & Innovate

Digital Business Models that create exponential value

Invent & Innovate

Innovation Management for SMEs

Save & Improve

The first step to solving complex problems with existing means

Invent & Innovate

How to build a “road to disruption” for your industry

The Bold Way

The Bold Way is a system for thinking and doing differently – a radical approach for challenging the status quo and creating what’s next.

By helping organizations to think & do differently, together we create radically new solutions – from start to finish.

We have partnered with clients from Airbus, BMW to Siemens – in over 35 countries and in almost all industries.

Invent and Innovate

Co-creating the future. We will enable your people to invent and innovate what’s next. This includes product and service innovation, as well as innovation strategy and management.

Improve and Save

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Einstein may not have said this but it is true nonetheless. The Bold Way will let you think differently about your problems, cost structure and processes in order to come up with truly new solutions.

Bold Healthcare is combining Lean and Innovation to improve processes in hospitals.

Scope your challenge with our Scoping Canvas